Andrew Sanders


Award-winning athlete and the go-to trainer for stars of hit TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Andrew Sanders is a well-rounded and deeply skillful guide for accomplishing fitness goals.

Whether it's losing weight, toning their bodies, or preparing for rigorous stunts - individual and occupational training clients trust Andrew for holistic and effective regimens that lead to quality results. He designs and educates health and wellness plans that include both optimal eating plans tailored to each person's patterns and workouts that include as many muscle groups as possible. Such a comprehensive approach ensures that diet and exercise always work hand-in-hand, daily maximizing your efforts - as well as helping to combat conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Andrew's concern for his clients' overall health compels him to take training with him to the next level. Understanding that even optimal meal plans and whole-body workouts aren't enough, he is a self-taught physiologist and physiotherapist. Through physiology and physiotherapy, Andrew aligns your body before your workout, avoiding injury and ensuring your desired results include skeletal strength along with muscular development and definition. Furthermore, his continuous observation during your sessions notes how well all of your body's systems are working together, and if any outside agents are affecting you, making adjustments along the way as needed. Finally, as a pescatarian, Andrew staunchly advocates that clean eating means a plant-based diet, high in protein.

Along with his awards in powerlifting (squat, deadlift, and bench press), Andrew holds two black belts: First Degree in Hapkido and Second Degree in Kendo. With his Liberal Studies degree from Southeastern Illinois College, he is also certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT), an aerobics instructor, and a personal trainer.

Completely committed to your individual needs as a client no matter where you are in your fitness journey, Andrew is the best choice to help you achieve and exceed your goals with his proven philosophical approach, which is optimal and sustainable results occur from the inside out.

Types of Clients Successfully Served
· Individuals seeking to improve fitness/health levels
· Actors/stunt doubles in physically demanding roles
· Rookie first responders and military recruits preparing for boot camp
· Champion athletes caring for their bodies' endurance through proper conditioning

Education and Credentials
· Southeastern Illinois College
o Associate's Degree in Liberal Studies
o Certified Emergency Medical Technician
· International Fitness Association Certifications
o Personal Trainer
o Aerobics Instructor
· Martial Arts
o First Degree Black Belt, Hapkido, Lin Martial Arts Center, 2007
o 2nd Degree Black Belt, Kendo, Yongin Lin Martial Arts Center, 2007
· Illinois State Fair Awards
o 1st place - Powerlifting, Bench Press, and Deadlift, 2010
o 1st place - Squat, 2008

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