Space Duration Non-Profit Org. Private Org.
Full Space on Monday & Sun (1 to 5 clients) per hour $15 $25
Full Space on Monday & Sun (5 to 10 clients) per hour $40 $50
Full Space on Mon & Sun (10 to 20 clients) per hour $65 $75
 Fitness Parties (1 trainer included) per hour $100 $125


Personal Trainer……………..starts from $70 and up

Equipment use………………. starts from $70 and up

Photography……………………starts from $150 and up


Inquiry Form



    You will hear back within 2-3 business days regarding whether your request is approved, denied, or requires further correspondence.

    Once your request is received and approved, we will determine a cost to your organization based on our fee structure below and any additional costs that must be covered. Once dues are agreed upon, you will receive a Rental Agreement Contract. Your organization must print, sign, and return the contract to our Department along with a copy of liability insurance and a W9 form.



    Gym Rules

    All participants in your group or event must adhere to all Sculpt and Shred Fitness rules at all times. Proper footwear must be worn.


    Sculpt and Shred Fitness reserves the right to cancel an event due to inclement safety, hazard or deemed unsafe. If such a cancellation occurs, Sculpt and Shred Fitness will reserve a make-up date and/or issue a prorated refund.

    Organizations should notify Sculpt and Shred Fitness staff of a cancellation within 7 calendar days of the scheduled event. Failure to do so may result in cancellation fees up to one-half of the agreed upon daily or hourly rate.


    We reserve the right to charge housekeeping fees based on the nature of your event. This will be negotiated prior to your event taking place.


    All lessees of the Sculpt and Shred Fitness’s facilities must secure and purchase adequate liability insurance.

    Smoking Prohibitions 

    Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of any building.

    Alcohol Prohibitions 

    No alcoholic beverages shall be brought to or consumed on property.