NEW – S+S Vegan RX Banana Protein Powder




New and improved delicious formula we have tweaked the taste ! 100% Plant-Based Protein , 22 grams of Highly Soluble & Easy to Digest. A great digestive regulator. Each serving is fully packed with nutritional goodness for easy dispersion into your favorite drink and easy to digest making it a perfect solution for your vegan protein dietary needs. Delicious all-in-one Shake can boost your protein intake and satisfy your sweet tooth with low calories, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals everyday nutrition healthy cell function post workout. Monk fruit non glycemic, does not raise blood sugar level while possessing strong antioxidant properties that helps to speed up fat burning process and promote heart health.

Top 7 Benefits of Vegan Rx Protein Powder
1. Great Source of Filling Fiber
2. Helps Protect Heart Health
3. Can Improve Digestive Health
4. Helps Alkalize the Body and Balance Its
pH Level
5. Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels
6. Good Source of Plant-Based Protein
7. Can aid in Weight loss


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