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Personal Training One on One with Mr. Andrew

Are you training to lose weight or do you want to work on a better condition? Everyone has their reasons for wanting to exercise. But it is not always easy to reach your goal. For some, starting with sports is already difficult. Do you not get yourself into the gym or are you unable to achieve the desired result? Personal Training with Andrew Sanders helps you get started. Whether you take your first step in a gym or are already an experienced athlete. With a personal trainer your goals suddenly lie within reach and sports become a lot more fun and effective.

Strength Training

After your personal assessment Andrew Sanders works with you in developing the most aggressive and tactful way to begin your personal strength training needed results. With custom meal plans and workouts designed to fit your body and situation. If you’re looking to build muscle or just need an extra push to motivate you further, Andrew is determined to meet your fitness goals.


Are you tired of being tired, not being able to go to the events or places you like because you feel you are holding yourself back? Well stop and stop feeling bad or sorry start with making the step to take your life back, take control and learn how to get back on track with your meals and workouts. After your personal one on one consultation and assessment with Andrew Sanders together you will overcome any mind blocks, obstacles, and excuses you may be holding onto that’s making you stay away from the life you deserve. Together with your target meal plans and strength training you and Andrew will attain your weight-loss fitness goal. Don’t wait any longer call us s (773) 629-6152 today or request an appointment here.

Faster and better results. Having a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness routine will help make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise.

Proper fat loss and muscle gain.

Establishes a lifetime exercise habit.

We Train from the Inside out.