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Personal Training

Personal Training

One on One

Need a challenge? Prefer to work on yourself with a one on one approach with Mr. Sanders?

Group Training

Group Training

Buddy Fitness

Are you ready to Shed the pounds and create your body you were destined to have but not ready to invest into a personal trainer approach? Our Group training offers a small group in a motivational environment to begin your healthy goals.


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Personal Training
12 sessions regular price $599.00 special price $500.00
16 sessions regular price $799.00 special price $700.00
20 sessions regular price $1050.00 special price $950.00

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10% off our Protein and Meal Replacement

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Power Class
Pay for 2-8 sessions Power Class at the regular price of $150.00 and your 3rd class will be half price
Specially designed Delicious Healthy Food Planning for your health related needs
Wellness Created for You!
Sculpt and Shred Fitness Wellness
Ask about our wellness program to help you with meal planning and more.
Nutrition is everything.
Sculpt and Shred Fitness Wellness
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Start your path to healthy success

Burn Calories and Meet your Heart Rate!

Our classes help meet your goals and targets specified to your bodies needs. Interval training using proven workout methods created by Owner Andrew Sanders using your bodies weight, power, and our equipment.

See Results in 30 Days with our Sculpt and Shred classes

Each class is different and routines are always different to keep your class fun, interesting, new and challenging.

Group Class Fitness Classes

Nothing beats having others to motivate you along the journey. You'll work alongside others to achiever your fitness goals.

Group Support

Our trainers are here for you. Receive the support you need from our trainers and group fitness classes. Meet others like you and create friendships outside of SSF.

Our Hours

Our location serves convenient flexible hours that allow you to train with our experts.

Closed by Appointment
8 am to 8 pm
8 am to 8 pm
8 am to 8 pm
8 am to 8 pm
10 am to 4pm
Class Schedule:
@ 6:00pm Tuesday & Thursday  Kickboxing/Boxing

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